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Carolyn Forget

Carolyn Forget B.A.A
Residential and commercial real estate broker

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Carolyn Forget has an impressive background that makes her an outstanding broker, known for her efficiency and integrity. She has over ten years of experience in residential and commercial real estate. Before becoming a real estate broker, she accumulated more than 15 years of experience in business and marketing management.

While living in San Francisco, Carolyn witnessed the real estate crisis in the United States. This experience allowed her to develop a new methodology based on effective and aggressive sales and marketing strategies to ensure a quick sale.

Her passion, is to ensure that her clients, whether they are buyers or sellers, conclude their transactions with complete satisfaction.

For more than 15 years, Carolyn Forget has distinguished herself through her numerous mentions of excellence and the prestigious Excellence for Life award. It is not surprising that with such a proven track record, Carolyn's services are always is high demand.

It is not surprising that with such a proven track record, Caroline's services are always is high demand.

Caroline Doyle has an impressive expertise in real estate and renovation which makes her a uniquely skilled real estate broker. With a master's degree in administration from HEC Montréal, she has more than 15 years of experience in business and marketing management.

An entrepreneur at heart, a visionary and refined business strategist, she successfully founded Briagha Construction, a general contracting company. This experience allows her to have a tangible understanding of building structure and being a valued asset to her clients.

Recognized for her business acumen and negotiation skills, Caroline Doyle ensures that her clients achieve their objectives with the utmost transparency and confidence.

Authenticity, dedication and integrity combined with innovative marketing tools, powerful media and customized service make this real estate broker a trusted partner for all your transactions.

Caroline Doyle

Caroline Doyle
>Residential and commercial real estate broker

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Léna Bongibault

Léna Bongibault
Residential Real Estate Broker

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Léna Bongibault has acquired extensive experience throughout her travels around the world. Originally from Europe, she decided to discover Canada and settle in Montreal in 2019. With a passion towards both architecture and real estate, it was her natural course to put this knowledge to good use in this field.

Léna’s great open-mindedness enables her to better understand the needs and desires of people. Her ambitious nature and motivation to surpass her own accomplishments, for the benefit of her clients, make her an outstanding broker. Her great strength in persuasiveness and negotiation skills result in successful transactions.

Léna’s objective is to offer top quality service while respecting the expectations and wishes of her customers.

Albert Raffa, originally from the south of France, has an exemplary track record in the business world. His expertise of over 7 years as a professional photographer and his negotiating skills in major companies such as Bell and Cellcom have enabled him to develop excellent sales skills and knowledge.

His interpersonal skills have earned him several awards as the best salesman in the Montreal area.

His role within our team is to develop business for brokers, with the aim of building a powerful customer database for the benefit of our buyers and sellers.

Intellectually agile and flexible, he is able to adapt to different situations and is often empathetic. His persuasiveness and determination combined with his keen sense of interpersonal skills make him a formidable salesman.

Albert Raffa

Albert Raffa
Sales Associate

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